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Adhitya Reza

Adhitya Reza is a graduate from Bandung Institute of Technology who currently works for Indonesian startup tech company Traveloka. Previously, he was an embedded software engineer for French digital security company Oberthur.

Early life

Adit was born in Padang, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia to Syafrizal Chan and Norita. Both parents are University professors, completed doctoral degree in economics from Unpad. Adit has two younger brother and an elder brother who goes to same major at ITB with two years gap. In 1997, when he was 4, the family of 5 moved from Padang to Bandung due parents continued study in there. Two years later, last member of family was born, as the only child born outside Padang.


Adit began his first formal education at Darul Hikam elementary school in 1998. Islamic background of this school strengthen his faithfulness to the only God. In 2004, he continued study to state junior high school number 2, Bandung. Then in 2007, his excellent result in national exam brings him to SMAN 3 Bandung, known as the best senior high school in Bandung even notable in country. During twelve years of formal education, Adit was involved to several academic competition, especially maths. Also, his love to sport pushes him to join futsal and badminton club of his school.

His smooth education path continued after graduating high school. Having interest to science, especially maths and physics, he chose STEI ITB as the next journey and enrolled ITB through USM. He attended undergraduate school for 4 years and earned an S.T. degree in electrical engineering in 2014 with predicate cumlaude. While at ITB, Adit was active as steering committee in many events and was a member of HME ITB (student council of electrical major). There he spent 1 of 3 years as a chairman of Elektron Magazine published by HME ITB.

Final Project

Since 5th semester, Adit’s had interest to programming, including embedded programming. This leading him to take 2 months internship at Xirka as mobile developer from June to July 2013. This also made him choose final project with topic “tracking and control system of container truck”, along with two partners Adji Gunhardi and Hafid Pradhitya Jenis. Adit was assigned task creating embedded device for tracker and he made anroid application as tracker app installed to GPS enabled device.




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