Legend Reunion At Pasific2 : Dewa19, SO7

So it’s been 8 days since my promise in previous post, to write once a week, to convey even just a verse, hehe. As i said, the routine posts would be mostly about my weekend, which must be a superb weekend so here we go !

At 21th last month i watched concert held by FEB Unpad named Pasific2. It was the second music festival by them and this year they invite Indonesian 90’s legend : Dewa19, featuring Ari Lasso! Alongside with Dewa19 is a late 90’s (or early 2000) superstar : Sheila on 7. I expected this would be a nostalgic moment for my elementary and junior high, the time when my -first- mobile phone could only store dozens of songs and those are mostly dewa and SO7 song. Also came 2 other bands : Maliq and the essentials and Mocca. I’m actually not a type of person who enjoy watching concert that much, so pardon if it’s not like a review 😀 i guess my last concert was The S.I.G.I.T years ago. But still i couldn’t wait to see the legend, live !

I came with 2 friends and entered the hall late, missing Mocca’s performance. But didn’t matter as we usually find them at local event, like Bandung anniv months ago. See your smile later, Arina (:  The crowd had been entertained by Maliq when we still tried to find nice spot. We couldn’t stand closer to the stage since we late. Thanks to my newly bought zoom lens, i could capture many moments and recorded their last song, “untitled”.

And.. dont deduce i’m a gay if i say this man, handsome, and cool

Lale Maliq And The Essentials

Lale, Guitarist of Maliq


His name’s adit too, btw 🙂 .. Maliq’s performance was just so good as usual with an easy, little coreography, and closed perfectly with kind of fireworks (what’s the name?) and conveti

Maliq Closing DSC_0077

Then the king of MTV Ampuh was coming ! I forget how many songs they sang, but some of them are from their new album, the eight and last album under label Sony Music Indonesia. But a pity i hadn’t heard their new songs, and so had the crowd, which remain silent, letting vocalist sang alone. haha sorry Duta. We finally enjoyed the show when they performed singles from earlier album. I recorded two my favorite songs : Sahabat Sejati and Melompat Lebih Tinggi

Melompat Lebih Tinggi ! Yeah ! I remember clearly when i sang this song in front of 7th grader classmates for musical exam. Back then i was not good at singing (until now), but when i shouted “Kupetik Bintang !” they were all shaking their head, some like crazy. Ya, the band, song, clip, and the movie was very influencing in 2004 so they all known. And i was amazed when Erros doing show off, playing solo guitar on his back without see. Check the video above !


I was satisfied, and waited to become more satisfied by Dewa19 then. After half hour waiting, the light came from someone’s head, and guess who, it is Ahmad Dhani’s bald head ! haha

That was my first time watching them live, and yes they have a charisma, especially Dhani and Andra. The crowd suddenly became overcrowded, everyone wanted to stand closer to the stage. Unfortunately some tall people are standing right in front of us, covering our view a bit (in fact my camera view, so i didn’t get perfect photos).

DSC_0165 DSC_0186

After Dhani’s voice disturbed our hearing (but he’s master at all musical instrument, indeed 🙂 ) crowd finally got pleasure with nostalgic Ari Lasso’s voice. Although, i like Once more than Ari Lasso, i really enjoyed them playing old songs : Kirana, Satu Hati, Cukup Siti Nurbaya, and finale for that great night : Kangen.


Thanks BEM FEB Unpad who conduct this event. Thanks to my new lens and friends who accompanied my first weekend warriors. Really great to begin my weekend serial 🙂 !


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