Weekend Warrior !

Days ago, in my daily-spare-time at office, I found an interesting phrase “weekend warrior”. What comes to your mind when you hear that? this warrior is not about soldier nor war. People who follow dagelan’s account on instagram may have idea about this, since @dagelan often posts memes depicting how ones’ look are different between weekday and weekend. And yeah that’s correct unless it’s about activity, not look.

I found this term when surfing through wikipedia (as always, the only website allowed there) page hackerspace and maker culture. “Maker culture is the culture representing technology-based extension of DIY (Do It Yourself) culture”. And according to that page : ” for some, maker is a full time job while others are weekend warriors“. Nah, I adopt that last term to motivate me to become a weekend warriors : i have a boring 5 days, don’t let the 2 be wasted uselessly ! hahaha.

From now on, i won’t waste my weekend just stay and sleep at kosan. And to keep this promise, i’m going to do “a week a post” (another promise 😀 ) so every week i must think where and how do i have to spend my weekends. Our prophet said “Convey from me, even if it is a verse” so i’ll write even if it is a paragraph 😛 . And actually I’ve had 2 stories to tell since the great weekend has started 2 weeks ago, so wait for it !

p.s I’ll filter what post to publicize to facebook since weekly post may contain private or unimportant writing (like this one (:  )  , i’ll share only the worth reading writing. See you !

Weekend Warriors !

featured image source : https://gregdodge.wordpress.com/tag/weekend-warriors-australia/


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