Open Your Eyes. Where’s Your Paper?

Two days ago I attended an event held by HME ITB named “buka mata”. From the name, I think the purpose of this event is to inspire student in my student union about “how great this major(electrical) is, because maybe so many students here do not know what they are actually learning about. Yes, they know they are learning electrical circuit, communication system, etc that is taught in the lecture, but sometimes they don’t know what it is for. Therefore the earlier of this event was about sharing some videos or ideas in the practical electrical engineering.

Buka mata

The last of this event, the one I mentioned, raised topic “study abroad”. Alumni from around the world (actually 3 countries) were invited to a teleconference with the audience here. As a final year undergraduate student who is in the graduate-scolarship-hunter state, I think I can’t skip this. haha. The first speaker are Ashlih and Samratul Fuady from Toky Institute of Technology. Next is from TU Delft (Netherland), Yudha. I will go straight to the third speaker, the one that inspired and I think need to be explained here.

Teleconference Carnegie Mellon University

Teleconference from CMU

It was 1 am there in Carnegie Mellon University, from where Ardya Dipta (EL 06) told his story in ITB, then work in IBM for three years, and now pursuing master of science in robotics system development. The story was quite interesting and I can’t help asking question about how is the qualification to be accepted as student there. He told that the GPA is not the most important thing. “If you have some projects or achievements, it would help a lot. I didn’t get too high GPA, but I’d done some projects, and won several robotics competitions. I also wrote some papers. I’d been confident till the interviewer asked whether I have documentation on it. What a pity I seldom write my project down. There’s some videos but nor really good documentary. There’s paper but written in Indonesian. Hahaha”. Finally he asked one day to translate the paper to english and lucky the interviewer accepted. And now there he is, a graduate student of CMU.

The Power of Writing

Later after being accepted, he talked to some friends about the interview and the documentary. He said that he’d just realized the power of writing. Most of them had their works documented in personal blogs. And from that time, he started to make his blog and writes in there. “You can check at “, he said, promoted his website. “When people ask for documentary, my friend confidently shows the blog and he said that anyone could easily see his track record. You should create blog and write your porjects not because of the interview. You just need to show off ! , let anyone know your skill. hahaha”  said Dipta again.

And lucky me, I created my blog (this wp) almost three years ago. Although the purpose of creating this blog was to fullfill the task from senior (Ospek, you know), I’ve continued to fill this blog until this article. Now i’ve been more aware that writing is important. And from now, I will write more about my major, the course, and others related to electrical engineering. Of course, I will add some english post so the interviewer later could understand my blog. Actually, it’s my very first english post. haha

So that’s the story from “buka mata”. Although I didn’t get much about the study in there, at least I got these words from Gundala. The point is, let’s start writing ! maybe you can’t write an advance article, but start from the easy one. Really, writing will allow you to store and organize your feelings, thoughts, and ideas in a coherent manner as opposed to keeping them all jumbled in your own mind.

Maybe you’re not inspired enough to write? Come on, if you wait for inspiration to write, you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter.. You have no time to write? to be honest, I ‘ve been sat in front of my laptop typing for this article for 3 hours! I think most of us have trouble prioritizing time.. In almost lab courses in my department, time you need to write report is usually two or even three times longer than the practicum itself. So, do you still think that writing is not important? or speaking skills is more? look at blog’s title : Talk much, write more, do even more


10 responses to “Open Your Eyes. Where’s Your Paper?

  1. setuju banget Dit!
    Kita harus ‘membuka’ mata mengenai paper2 / publikasi yang seharusnya menjadi prioritas ketika menjadi mahasiswa. Tapi seringkali budaya menulis sendiri yang ga pernah digembar-gemborkan oleh teman-teman di lingkaran kita 🙂

    • yoi bram. kalo aware ke paper mgkn ya emang susah, kebanyakan orang mikir kan paper itu isinya expert2 gitu. tapi seengganya dimulai dari yang sangat kecil seperti ini sih.. dibudayakan, that’s right

  2. You’re right adit, lucky for you to realize it now. You have more time now to collect the stuff for your portfolio. While most of us (2009), make the portfolio at the time of university admissions.

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